What happens to your Application

When you click the Complete option on the on-line application form, your application will be imported to our database and you will receive an automatic email confirming the application has been submitted and no further changes can be made.

It may take us up to 2 weeks from the date you submit an application to read it and make an initial assessment.  We will :

  • check that you have fully completed the form, and uploaded a budget and your latest annual accounts
  • we may ask you for additional information to enable us to fully understand your work, your area or your financial situation or to clarify any other queries we may have.  We request this information by email, so it is very important you include an email address on your application which is checked regularly.
  • if your application is not eligible, we will let you know by letter.

If you have applied for a Small Grant (see Guidelines) we will give you the Trustees’ final decision within 8 weeks of confirming receipt of your application.

Decisions on Major Grants (see Guidelines) can only be taken at Grants Committee meetings. We will let you know within 6 weeks if your application has gained sufficient support to be added to the next available Grants Committee meeting agenda. The exception to this is applications for capital grants for village halls/community centres, where your application will be added to the next available quarterly list, from which, about 4 weeks before the next Grants Committee meeting, the members of the Committee will select a short list for inclusion on the agenda of the meeting.  Grants Committee meetings for 2018 will be held in late February, late May, late July and the start of November. We operate a rolling scheme without deadlines—you can apply at any time and we urge you to apply as and when you are ready.

We need to receive Major Grant applications at least 6 weeks before a Grants Committee meeting, but there is no guarantee that your application will be included in a specific meeting: it will depend on any additional information we might require from you and how many applications are already on the agenda. We urge you not to send your application at the last possible moment as you will then have to ‘compete’ at the first assessment stage with many more applicants who have also left it to the last minute!

After the Grants Committee has met we send out letters confirming the Trustees’ decision, which is final, within 10 days.