Community Centres and Village Halls

Trusthouse is interested in applications for capital projects at community centres in the most deprived urban areas and village halls in remote and economically deprived rural areas.

We want to support community centres and village halls which are at the heart of small, deprived communities.  We expect that you will be providing a range of activities for all ages and abilities which help to promote community cohesion and address local problems of isolation, poverty, lack of local facilities, transport and other issues of relevance to your area.

We interpret ‘community centres’ in the broad sense, so you might be a church, sports facility or other building which offers a range of activities throughout the week which all the community can access.

We will consider applications for new buildings; upgrading, renovating or extending buildings; improving or creating outside space (but not car parks).

Our interests include innovative schemes for bringing back disused buildings into full community use, such as community shops combined with space for community activities; community hubs which bring different groups together to share space and offer easy access to a range of services.  At the same time, we are also interested in traditional village halls which provide the standard activities which keep a community together.

The postcode of your building must clearly show that, in urban areas, you are in the most deprived 20% of the latest government Indices of Multiple Deprivation or, in rural areas, you are in the most deprived 50% of the Indices.  Because of the number of applications we receive for community centres, we concentrate on projects which meet these criteria.

Click here for our Guidelines.

Click here for our additional help document, Giving Your Application the Best Chance, which will take you step-by-step through our policy and the questions on the application form with examples of the answers we need and expect.