Welcome to Trusthouse Charitable Foundation.

Following the advice of the Government and Public Health England regarding the coronavirus outbreak, we'll be working solely from home with effect from 16th March 2020 and the offices are closed until further notice. We can't be contacted by phone, but you can send us an email to grants@trusthousecharitablefoundation.org.uk if you can't find the answer to your query from the information we've provided on this website about Trusthouse and its grants programmes.

PLEASE NOTE: The Major grants programme, including capital applications for Village Halls & Community Centres seeking grants of over £7,500, will be temporarily suspended with effect from 1st April 2020.

The Small Grants programme will also be temporarily suspended with effect from 1st May 2020.

The principle reason the Trustees have taken this decision is because the current Grants Director leaves in June and there will be a transition period pending the appointment of the new Director. The new Director will work with the Trustees over the first few months of their appointment to determine the shape and direction of the grants programmes in time for applications to re-open in the late summer/early autumn of 2020.

An additional reason is that the Trustees will wish to consider the implications of recent setbacks in investment markets on next year’s budget. The Trustees want to take time to think about this situation and ensure its grants programmes continue to provide meaningful help which make a significant difference to grants recipients.

Trusthouse’s focus is on supporting smaller charitable and not-for-profit organisations within the UK, with a total annual income under £500,000, who work in the 15% most deprived urban areas or the 50% most deprived rural areas.

Within these overarching themes, we support projects which fall under the broad headings of Community Support, Arts, Education and Heritage.

Please click here for our full Guidelines.  

We run an on-line application process and you can usually make applications at any time of the year.  Small Grants will usually receive a final decision within 6 weeks of our receipt of your application.  Major Grants will be decided at our Grants Committee meetings which in 2020 will take place in February, April and October. There are no deadlines for these meetings: we generally close the list for a meeting around 4-6 weeks prior to the meeting, depending on how many applications have been received. If you miss one meeting, your application will automatically be rolled on to the next available meeting.  PLEASE SEE THE ABOVE INFORMATION REGARDING THE TEMPORARY SUSPENSION OF OUR GRANTS PROGRAMMES.