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£15,000 towards the cost of creating a new gallery at the Discovery Museum in Newcastle telling the stories of past and current migrant families in Tyneside.

Trusthouse Charitable Foundation supported the Discovery Museum in Tyneside with a capital grant to create ‘Destination Tyneside’, a new permanent gallery. Since opening to the public in July 2013, the gallery has received more than 300,000 visitors.

Aiming to tell the stories of the many migrant families whose lives have influenced and built contemporary Tyneside from the nineteenth century to the present day, the gallery explores the histories of these people and shows how their culture and heritage positively influenced the social and industrial development of the area. The exhibition is now an important source of local knowledge, and testifies to the rich and diverse history of the North East. One visitor to the exhibition remarked, “it has made me realise migration is something positive that should be celebrated”.