Welcome to Trusthouse Charitable Foundation.

We are a medium-sized grant making foundation giving grants to small, well-established organisations in the UK who address local issues in areas of extreme urban deprivation, or in remote and fragile rural communities.

If you are interested in applying for a grant, please read our Grants section to see if your organisation is eligible and your work appropriate to our current grants criteria.  Please read our Noticeboard page for additional information and tips, particularly on the English Index of Multiple Deprivation.

With effect from 29th January, all new applications for Small, Standard, Large and Village Hall/Community Centre grants will be made through our on-line application forms.

For Small, Standard and Large grant applications, go to the Applications page, complete the eligibility filter and you will automatically be taken to the relevant on-line form, which has additional space and can be saved and revised as often as you like before final submission.

For Village Hall/Community Centre grant applications (which includes churches, sports centres or other types of centre offering a full range of community activities), go to the Grants page and click on the Community Centres and Village Halls heading. You will find the link to the on-line application on this page.

Hospice grant applications remain paper-based and the form can be found on the Grants page, under the Hospices heading. PLEASE NOTE we will cease to accept unsolicited applications for Hospices with effect from 31st March 2018.

Our Guidelines currently still show the instructions for paper-based applications: we will be updating these in the next month or so, to coincide with information on the launch of a new grants policy and criteria which will come into effect from 1st July 2018. Most of our current applicants will still be eligible under the new criteria. The Grants Committee meeting in May will be the final meeting for applications under the current criteria and applications will need to be made by late March/early April.